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    Updates from Leviar Platform

  • Jun 27, 2020

    Token swap started

    The swap procedure has been started, tokens are credited automatically every hour... Read more


  • May 26, 2020

    Leviar Platform Online

    The leviar platform is now online, new features will be added over the next few weeks. The token swap is... Read more


  • Mar 19, 2020

    Leviar Platform Token live

    The Leviar Platform Token [XLP] is now live on the Ethereum main net, in the next days we will share with you further details... Read more


  • Mar 04, 2020

    What's next

    Ethereum Smart Contract will be deployed on the mainnet. Tokens swap begins, XLC to Leviar Platform. Token Exchange will be available on the Leviar Platform... Read more


  • Mar 02, 2020

    Token swap informations

    An Ethereum smart contract will be issued on 9th March, the token will be used to interact with the Leviar Platform and can be exchanged directly on the platform at a 1:1 rate with XLC.... Read more